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Natural rolling papers – Go-Green. Medium size


Natural rolling papers – Go-Green. Small. 70mm

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Hand-made humidification stone


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Keep your herbal smoking blend fresh with our 100% natural humidification Stone. It’s hand-made from clay, then fired in a kiln.
Completely free from additives, this stone helps prevent dehydration and preserves flavor.
Simply soak, wipe, and place in your pouch for extended freshness.

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Hand-made humidification stone

Experience the ultimate freshness with our Humidification Stone.
this 100% natural solution is handmade with love and is totally free from additives and chemicals, ensuring a pure smoking experience.
Using our humidification stone is simple yet effective. Immerse the stone in water, wipe it clean, and place it in your pouch alongside your herbal smoking blend. As it slowly releases moisture, the stone maintains the perfect humidity level, preventing your blend from drying out and preserving its flavor profile.
With its completely neutral smell and flavor, the stone won’t interfere with the taste of your blend. Instead, it silently works behind the scenes, ensuring your smoking experience remains pure and unadulterated.
Invest in the quality of your smoking ritual with our Humidification Stone. Elevate every puff and savor the true essence of your herbal blend.

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    Very nice and useful!

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