Wild – 3 pack +Eco rolling papers+Bio filters


You get 3 packs of Wild – Herbal Smoking Blend
1 free pack of alfalfa rolling papers
1 free pack of biodegradable filters (120 units)

WILD blend is made from herbs that have been harvested in the wild or grown organically (without spraying or chemical treatment).

Wild blend is made from herbs that are collected and grown in Spain.
It has a mild flavor with a consistent texture that allows for a slow and uniform combustion.

The blend contains:
Mullein, Sage, Rose, Chamomile, Licorice, Mallow, Passionflower and Calendula.

The blend comes in a biodegradable pouch with a reusable closing strip for freshness. It contains 30 g of leaves, roots and cut flowers in a convenient cut, perfect for rolling.

A free gift with every order – natural non-bleached alfalfa rolling paper + Biodegradable filters



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