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Biodegradable Unbleached filters


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Elevate your smoking experience with Biodegradable Unbleached Filters.
Made from unbleached cellulose, these filters are naturally biodegradable and eco-friendly, offering a healthier option for both you and the environment and providing a sustainable solution for your smoking needs.

Size 6mm
120 units in the bag

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Biodegradable Unbleached filters

Say goodbye to plastic fibers and welcome to a healthier, more sustainable smoking experience with theses biodegradable Unbleached Filters. Crafted from natural cellulose, these 6mm filters offer a cleaner, smoother draw while reducing your environmental impact. Unlike traditional plastic filters that can release harmful chemicals when heated, our biodegradable filters are free from toxins, providing a safer option for your health.
But the benefits don’t end there. By choosing biodegradable filters, you’re also making a positive contribution to the environment. Plastic filters can take hundreds of years to decompose, posing a significant threat to marine life and ecosystems. In contrast, our biodegradable filters break down naturally into organic matter in a few weeks, reducing pollution and protecting our planet for future generations.
These Biodegradable Unbleached Filters offer convenience without compromise. Make the switch today and enjoy a cleaner, greener smoke that’s better for you and the world around you.

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    I will always prefer to use these kind of filters because they are better for my health and for the environment as well (which is the same thing after all)

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