A Nicotine free Herbal Smoking Blend

contains only herbal and organic ingredients and has an amazing flavor and aroma

Who Are We?

At Wild, we believe that smoking does not have to be an addictive habit.  For this reason we created this natural, unique and tasty smoking blend.

At Wild, we believe in fair trade policies. We use quality manual production processes and implement principles of sustainability and ecology in order to minimize harm to nature and man.
We are proud and happy to employ and integrate people with disabilities into our company.

Our work is done with love and joy.

The Blend

The blend is a tobacco substitute designed for people who like to smoke but wish to be free from nicotine and other pollutants present in tobacco. It is also created for those who want to reduce or quit smoking completely.

Tobacco free, nicotine free, chemical free, and free from narcotic or addictive substances.

The Herbs

Wild brings the best gifts that nature and the plant world have to give us.

The herbal blend contains various medicinal herbs gathered in nature and organic sources.

The combination of the various plants in the blend is designed to create a relaxing and pleasant feeling, with a refreshing herbal taste without causing the strong physical addiction created by smoking tobacco.
Smoking the herbal blend creates a sweet smoke with a pleasant natural and earthy aroma.

WILD - The smoothest and most enjoyable smoking blend

What's in it?

WILD blend is made from herbs that have been harvested in the wild or grown organically (without spraying or chemical treatment).
The blend comes in a pouch with a reusable closing strip for freshness. It contains 30 g of leaves, roots and cut flowers in a convenient cut, perfect for rolling.

We have two choices of blends.

The Spanish Blend
The blend is made from herbs that are collected and grown in Spain.
It has a mild flavor with a consistent texture that allows for a slow and uniform combustion.

Blend contains:
Mullein, Sage, Rose, Chamomile, Licorice, Mallow, Passionflower and Calendula.

The Israeli Blend
This blend is made from herbs that are collected and grown in Israel.
It has a fresh flavor with a light texture.

Blend contains:
Mullein, Sage, Catnip, Rose, Chamomile, Licorice, Mint, Passionflower.


properties: AntiCancer, Antidepressant, Aphrodisiac, Relaxing and gives strength.
Gives the smoking blend a special aromatic flowery flavor.

Spiritual/magical properties: Protective agent against the evil eye. Brings happiness and security.
Used in love spells, including prophetic dreams. Reduces doubt, gives protection, luck and healing.

Anti bacterial, disinfects airways, stimulates, strengthens the immune system, excellent in various infusions and recipes.  Sage incense is used for energetic cleansing of the house.
Not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women.
Not recommended for epileptic patients.


Anti-anxiety, soothing, prevents convulsions, relieves cough, relieves swelling and gas in the stomach, cools the body, increases vitality and health.
On the spiritual level it encourages love, friendship, beauty and joy.
70% of the cats can get really high on Catnip.
Makes very nice tea infusion.


Calming, antidepressant, improves digestion, disinfects, reduces anxiety
Brings healing, love and abundance
Also excellent tea infusion(best with honey)

We mainly use the mint that grows near water sources, such as streams and springs. This herb gives a  cool and refreshing quality to the smoking blend.
It is anti-convulsant, improves digestion, strengthens and brings happiness.
Makes a wonderful tea infusion. Disinfects and refreshes the mouth and is used for natural toothpastes.


Cleanses the lungs, rehabilitates and supports the upper and lower respiratory system, moves the lymphatic fluid in the chest and neck, calms the throat, helps with asthma, gives courage and sometimes a possible feeling of mild euphoria. Adds a refreshing aroma and a fluffy texture, suitable for a uniform burn.
Dried Mullein leaves are used to treat respiratory problems, by smoking of dried leaves, in a pipe or in rolled cigarettes.
Makes a special and delicious tea, prepared to treat colds and coughs.



This sweet root strengthens the immune system, strengthens the functioning of the respiratory system, increases sensory perception and nerve activity, strengthens and balances the digestive system and adds a special and sweet aroma to the smoking blend.

The plant which has the most similar effects on the body and mind to nicotine, without the harmful addictive nature.

Spiritual/energetic characteristics:   As a strong root that grows deep in the ground, it gives the user grounding and stabilizing energy and the ability to face changing situations.

The root also serves as a natural and tasty toothbrush. Is used to make refreshing sweetened drinks and sweets.

Not suitable for pregnant women and nursing mothers.


Calms, improves general health, relieves anxiety, antidepressant, prevents insomnia, lowers blood pressure, relaxes and relieves withdrawal symptoms.

The fruit is sweet, sour and very tasty and is used in many countries as a base for soft drinks and many desserts.
In the herbal blend we use only the leaves and flowers of the plants we collected, while the fruits we eat ourselves or serve to our special guests.


Stimulates blood flow, antiseptic, anti-fungal, anti-viral, helps in healing pneumonia.

Spiritual/energetic properties: Used for protection.


Anti-inflammatory, soothing, good for the treatment of the respiratory and urinary tract.

Serves as a nutritious and very healthy food, from which you can make excellent patties, pies, salads and shakes.

Used in the Middle East as a stimulant of sexual desire and love.