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Who Are We?

At Wild, we believe that smoking does not have to be an addictive habit. For this reason we created this natural, unique and tasty smoking blend.
We believe in fair trade policies. We use quality manual production processes and implement principles of sustainability and ecology in order to minimize harm to nature and man.
We are proud and happy to employ and integrate people with disabilities into our company.
Our work is done with love and joy.

The Blend

The blend is a tobacco substitute designed for people who like to smoke but wish to be free from nicotine and other pollutants present in tobacco. It is also created for those who want to reduce or quit smoking completely.
Tobacco free, nicotine free, chemical free, and free from narcotic or addictive substances.

The Herbs

Wild Blends brings you the best gifts from nature!
This herbal blend contains various medicinal herbs gathered in nature and from organic cultivation.
The combination of the various plants in the blend is designed to create a relaxing and pleasant feeling, with a refreshing herbal taste without causing the strong physical addiction created by smoking tobacco.
Smoking the herbal blend creates a sweet smoke with a pleasant natural and earthy aroma.

WILD - The smoothest and most enjoyable smoking blend

What's in it?

WILD blend is made from herbs that have been harvested in the wild or grown organically (without spraying or chemical treatment).
The blend comes in a pouch with a reusable closing strip for freshness. It contains 30 g of leaves, roots and cut flowers in a convenient cut, perfect for rolling.
The Herbs are collected and grown in Spain.
It has a mild flavour with a consistent texture that allows for slow and uniform combustion.
The blend contains:
Mullein, Sage, Rose, Chamomile, Licorice, Mallow, Passionflower and Calendula.

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