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How can a tobacco substitute help smokers to reduce (or even quit) smoking

One of the methods is mixing this herbal blend with rolling tobacco. You can start with a 50:50 mixture and then slightly, from day to day, reduce the amount of tobacco added, until you get to 0% tobacco and 100% herbal blend.
At this stage heavy smokers may find themselves done with their addiction to nicotine, enjoying just a few herbal, nicotine-free, cigarettes a day, they are just few steps away from being an ex-smoker.

Smoking, as we know, is not a healthy habit, but smoking Wild herbal blend is far superior to tobacco smoking of any kind. Most types of tobacco and cigarettes contain a large amount of chemicals and toxic substances, even in the natural tobacco at the market, there is a large amount of nicotine and spray materials used in the cultivation of tobacco. Our tobacco substitute does not contain the tobacco plant and is made up only of plants known to be powerful herbs for body and soul. All the plants come from gathering in nature or from organic growers.

The blend is a tobacco substitute designed for people who like to smoke but wish to be free from nicotine and other pollutants present in tobacco. It is also created for those who want to reduce or quit smoking completely.
Tobacco free, nicotine free, chemical free, and free from narcotic or addictive substances.
The herbal blend contains various medicinal herbs gathered in nature and organic sources.
The combination of the various plants in the blend is designed to create a relaxing and pleasant feeling, with a refreshing herbal taste without causing the strong physical addiction created by smoking tobacco.
Smoking the herbal blend creates a sweet smoke with a pleasant natural and earthy aroma.

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